Sydney Artificial eyes, a beautiful brown prosthetic eye manufactured by a skilled ocularist in Sydney
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A hazel prosthetic eye which was made by a skilled Sydney based Ocularist for a patient requiring an artificial eye

Prosthetic Eye Specialists in Sydney - Artificial Eye Makers

  • New Prosthetic Eyes and Artificial Eyes made by an Ocularist

  • Replacement prosthetic eyes

  • Alterations and corrections to existing prosthetic & artificial eyes

  • Routine polishing & check-ups - recommended 6 monthly

  • Scleral Shells and Prosthetic Iris's


Sydney Artificial Eyes is based in Waterloo, Sydney. Our clinic is staffed by highly trained Ocularists.

An Ocularist is specialist in fitting and manufacturing prosthetic and artificial eyes. 

Sydney Artificial Eyes is an adult and paediatric prosthetic eye clinic, which can assist patients with all types of ocular prosthetics, including scleral shells, artificial eyes, routine check ups and polishing and re-sizing and repairs. 

Our practice works collaboratively with our patients over two consultations to make a new prosthetic eye, and then provide ongoing support for several years through the life of the ocular prosthesis/artificial eye.

A light brown prosthetic eye made by sydney artificial eyes by a trained ocularist

Our Ocularists see patients in our Burwood clinic and laboratory, where we are able to assist with all patient enquiries and requirements

Sydney Artificial Eyes accept referrals from Ophthalmologists, GP's, Optometrists and doctors from within NSW and Australia. 

We are pioneers of the latest technology from around the world, and while we still use the tried and tested techniques.

We also use the latest medical impression materials to increase patient comfort during fitting, and also provide the best and most comfortable prosthetic eye when complete.

a dark brown prosthetic eye made by a trained ocularist in Sydney for Sydney Artificial Eyes

Who we work with

Sydney artificial eyes team of ocularists work with NSW Health to provide artificial eyes and prosthetic eye services for patients in NSW and Sydney requiring ocular prosthetics
Sydney artificial eyes work with the childrens hospital to provide paediatric prosthetic eye services and artificial eye makers for the hospitals in new south wales and sydney
Sydney artificial eyes work with Safework NSW to assist patients requiring artificial and prosthetic eyes due to workplace accident and inujruy, our ocularists make and fit prosthetic eyes for patients


Routine Check Up


Routine 6 month check up and polish, check fit and high shine polish of prosthetic eye. We recommend a regular artificial eye polish to give patients better comfort and appearance of their prosthetic eye. An Ocularist can conduct the routine review quickly and simply for our patients. 

Prosthetic Eye Polish

Regular professional polishing of prosthetic eyes is important for comfort and appearance. A prosthetic eye polish is conducted during a routine check up and is very important to comfort and appearance of the ocular prosthesis. Our Sydney-based Ocularist can provide patients with all review and polishing requirements

New Artificial Eyes

Our Ocularists are highly trained to fit and manufacture new artificial eyes for patients. Over two sittings, our Ocularist will fit, design and make a new prosthetic eye for our patients through a collaborative and comfortable approach

Replacement Artificial Eyes

Our Ocularists fit and manufacture replacement prosthetic eyes - for many reasons including loss, discomfort, colour change,  patients may need a new prosthetic eye made. Sydney Artificial Eyes team of Ocularists is specially trained to make replacement eyes for our patients in a collaborative and timely process.

Emergency Checkup

Our Ocularists provide an emergency service for any issues our patients experience. If you experience pain, discomfort or abnormalities with your prosthetic eye, please call Sydney Artificial Eyes for an urgent prosthetic eye check up. A simple check up can resolve any quick issues, or may indicate a more complex problem with your prosthetic eye, requiring review by our Ocularist or by your Ophthalmologist

Scleral Shells

We fit and manufacture scleral shells for patients with shell requirements. Sydney Artificial Eyes fits and manufactures scleral shells for patients with this requirement. A Scleral shell is a very thin prosthetic eye which sits over an existing eye. Please contact our office for any Scleral shell bookings and. check ups.



Our Address

Sydney Artificial Eyes

Green Square Specialist Centre

30-36 O'Dea Ave Waterloo NSW 

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday    9AM – 2PM