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Replacement Prosthetic Eyes
Our Sydney Ocularist 
clinic makes and fits prosthetic and artificial eyes for lost or damaged eyes

Artificial Eye Replacements - New Prosthetic Eyes for loss/damage

Sydney Artificial Eyes team of skilled Ocularist's provide all types of replacement prosthetic eyes for patients, for all prosthetic eye types and patient requirements. 

Replacement artificial eyes can be required for many reasons, including;

  • Lost prosthetic eyes

  • Damaged prosthetic eyes

  • Patients requiring larger/smaller prosthetic eyes

  • Patients requiring different colouring and shading etc

Our Ocularists are skilled in fitting, fabricating and making all types of prosthetic eyes and scleral shells for our patients and provide a collaborative and comfortable environment for all patients. 

We use the latest technology and processes to make prosthetic eye for our patients, and work closely with our patients to ensure they are 100% happy with the service and their prosthesis.