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Services - Sydney Artificial Eyes
Our Sydney Ocularists provide a range of services in our clinic for prosthetic and artificial eyes

New Artificial Eyes

sydney prosthetic eye, artificial eye made by an ocularist in Sydney
A prosthetic eye made by an ocularist at sydney artificial eyes, prosthetic eye, fake eye, artificial eye
a prosthetic eye held by an ocularist at sydney artificial eyes in NSW, also known as an artificial eye or ocular prosthetic

Sydney Artificial Eyes support our patients requiring new prosthetic eyes through a collaborative and supporting process of measuring, fitting, colouring and manufacturing an amazing new prosthetic eye for our patients. 

We take the time to perfectly craft a new eye to our patient, and the collaborative and personalised process of fitting and making the new eye is a great experience for our patients, who are often going through a very traumatic period. 


Our new prosthetic eyes are manufactured using some of the worlds most advanced prosthetic materials, and using the latest product developments and methods from around the world.


Our Ocularists and Prosthetic eye makers are highly trained in the art and science of manufacturing artificial and prosthetic eyes. 

Replacement Artificial Eyes

We support patients who require replacement artificial eyes. 


The reason for a replacement prosthetic eye can be varied, and is normally due to normal changes in the shape or size of the eye socket, or the patients facial structure. 


We also supply replacement eyes because of lost prosthetic eyes, or damaged artificial eyes which cannot be repaired. 


It is recommended that patients have a new artificial eye manufactured every 5 years. 

Alterations & Amendments to Artificial Eyes

We often provide alterations and amendments to artificial and prosthetic eyes for many reasons. 

We can alter and amend artificial and prosthetic eyes manufactured by Sydney Artificial Eyes, or any artificial eyes supplied by another Ocularist.

The reasons for amendments and alterations to prosthetic eyes can be discomfort, scratches or non-conformities in the artificial eye surface, changes in shape to better match the patient and changes in colour and veining in the eye to better match the patient.