Sydney Ocularist & Prosthetic Eye Clinic for all patient requirements

Sydney Artificial Eyes clinic is based within the Green Square Specialist Centre, and provides services for all prosthetic eye and artificial eye requirements, including;

  • Routine check-ups and polishing

  • Fitting and fabrication of new prosthetic eyes

  • Amendments and alterations to existing Ocular Prosthetics

  • Re-sizing (either building up size, or reducing size) for improvement patient comfort and prosthetic movement.

Our Sydney prosthetic eye clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by skilled reception staff and highly trained Ocularists who fit, fabricate and design prosthetic eyes and artificial eyes for our patients. 

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Sydney Ocularist, Prosthetic Eye Sydney

Our Process & Making Your new Prosthetic Eye

When making new or replacement prosthetic eyes, our skilled ocularists take a very collaborative approach with our patients, to ensure we provide the best product possible, while also supporting our patients through any questions they may have, and including them in the fitting and fabrication process of making the new artificial eye.

When making a new or replacement prosthetic eye, our ocularist will see the patient over two consultations, usually one week apart. 

First Consultation

The first consultation is the longer of the two, and involved our Ocularist taking an impression of the patients eye socket using a specialist medical impression material.


Once the impression is made, our ocularist works on the fit and comfort of the new prosthesis, to ensure the new prosthesis will be comfortable, and we can achieve optimal movement of the prosthetic.

Our Ocularist will then work on colour matching and painting the eye to match the patients existing eye, to fabricate an exact match which is identical to the existing eye. We match the iris colour, veining and sclera colour to the patients existing eye.

Once we achieve all of these, and assist our patient with any questions they may have, our Ocularist will move on the manufacturing process, which takes approximately one week.

Second Consultation

The second consultation takes place approximately one week after the first (initial) consultation with the ocularist. The second consultation is also known as the fitting consultation, and is when the Ocularist will fit the eye and show our patient how to insert and remove the new prosthetic eye. 

Our Ocularist will also show the patient how to care for and maintain their new prosthetic eye, and how to clean the artificial eye. 

Our Sydney Ocularist and Prosthetic Eye Clinic is Located Within Green Square Specialist Centre

The sydney artificial eye clinic in Sydney ocularist clinic and prosthetic eye maker service in sydney for prosthetic eye patients